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Reasons Why You Need a Burger Press? | Kitchenvio

Reasons Why You Need a Burger Press? | Kitchenvio

How much effort do we put in to make that perfectly even and perfectly round,  restaurant standard burger but what do we get in the end? Weird looking, lop-sided patty, with an uneven ratio of mince and onion that neither looks appetizing nor does it taste nearly good! After all, how could a meat patty, that looks like a golf ball, cook perfectly in the middle?

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The good news is you can cut this lot of mess out of burger cooking and get patties with equally distributed ingredients and unique shapes just by getting a burger press. Some people indeed think of the burger press as a luxury but it’s an essential appliance that must be part of every cooking premise – especially if your family loves burgers and you want to have more control over what your loved ones are throwing in their stomachs. So, just read the article to know why you need a burger press and how this godsend appliance can make your life easier. But before that, let’s recall what a burger press is and how it works so you can understand its importance better!

Burger Press: How to use it?

Burger press, as the name implies, works mainly to press the air packets, created within the meat patty so they won’t fall apart during grilling. The classic form of this kitchen appliance generally consists of two metal plates, where one of these plates acts as a base while the second one is the lid or presser. Since both the metal plates are round in shape, the patty you’d get will also be perfectly round.

How to use a burger press

However, the advanced burger press machines feature more functionalities and stacking capabilities which you can use to make several patties at a time. Also, these burger presses are available in multiple sizes so you can get the one that caters to your needs perfectly. Read about Hard Cheese and its Types

To use this appliance, all you have to do is oil the metal plates with a brush and put the meat onto the base ring. Then put the lid on and press both the plates together. After a few seconds, unclamp the plates and take your patty out. So as you see, making the flavor-rich burger patty, without any hands-on approach, with this simple gadget is super easy.

Why do you need a burger press?

Still not sure whether you should get a burger press or not? If so, read the following points which will definitely help you to come to this side of the fence.

1. No hand-on approach

The very first and most obvious benefit of getting a burger press is that it eliminates the hands-on approach to the cooking process. You don’t have to use your hands in any way to shape the patty or even to fill the metal rings. This in turn, not only saves your hands from getting dirty but also keeps the texture of protein fresh and all good.

As we all know that the human body radiates heat, whether It’s cold or hot out there. So when you try to make it by hand, this heat denatures the meat protein and melts the fat down. Since the fat melts out of the meat by hand pressing, during the patty-making process, when you put this patty on the grill, it breaks apart there. And as stated before, on hand pressing the mince, air spaces are created within the patty so when it is placed onto the grill, this air escapes out by breaking the patty apart.

Thus, a burger press can tackle all these problems and ensures that you get nothing but a tightly packed patty with an appealing, non-mushy texture, without any hand pressing.

2. Uniform size, composition with perfect weight

One of the best aspects of the burger press is that it keeps the diameter, weight, and composition of the burger patty even throughout the batch. To discard the odds of uneven composition, you can mix all the spices, herbs, and mince in a separate bowl beforehand and then fill the metal rings of the burger press with this patty mixture. In this way, there will be no chance of one patty having more onions while the other one has more mince.

Similarly, to keep the weight of every patty equal, measurement markings are made either on the handle or outside the ring like ½ lbs, ⅓ lbs, or ¼ lbs. You can adjust the weight and size of the patty by filling the ring up to the corresponding measurement line.

And since the presser tends to squeeze the meat evenly, from all the sides, with equal force, you’ll get the element of uniformity. Due to this, your burger patties will cook evenly from all sides, with no uncooked or overcooked portions.

3. No need for binders

To make a patty meal manually, we often need to get binders like breadcrumbs, eggs, etc. to hold all the ingredients together in place. However, when you use a press for this purpose, it packs the meat content tightly enough so it doesn’t fall apart on removing metal rings or even on the grills. In this way, you can get purer patties and eliminate all the unnecessary and unhealthy meatloaf binders from the process.

4. Less to no clean-ups

Last but not least, a burger press saves you from the heft, back-breaking clean-ups. Since you are not squeezing the meatloaf by hand, there won’t be any chance of making the whole kitchen messy by spilling eggs or spreading breadcrumbs. Instead, all you need to do is to place a butter wrap onto your countertop and put the burger press over it. Once you’re done, fold the butter wrap carefully and throw it into your trash can.

Similarly, cleaning the appliance is also so effortless since the inner sides of metal rings are slippery and shiny. And since you oiled the surface beforehand, no mince or patty mixture will adhere to its surface. To ensure extra cleanliness, you can place the butter wrap inside the metal rings and then put the mixture on top of it. In this way, your gadget won’t get stained or oily.

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