How you can make oil-free dishes using an Air Fryer?

How you can make oil-free dishes using an Air Fryer?

Is it possible to eat French fries, chicken pieces, or fried items with fewer fats and calories? Without deep frying, how you can get the same texture?

These all are the questions that come into your mind as your waistline increases. The first thing you do is stop yourself from eating fry items. Moreover, you take some diet plans that do not include any of the fried items.

If you are a fry food lover, then after sometimes you may start feeling a craving for it. But you have no choice other than stopping yourself.

I am also a fry food lover, and I cannot stop myself. But the sad part is my waistline is increased. After seeing my situation my friend suggests me to purchase an air fryer. The air fryer helped me out. I can eat all things I love, and also I lose weight.

This tool has made my life easy, and I will suggest this tool who have pure love for the fry items. In this article, I will discuss the air fryer. Moreover, I will also discuss its working and which things can be easily prepared using an air fryer.

The Shape of the Air Fryer

What is the Shape of Air Fryer?

The shape of the air fryer is so simple. It is oval in shape, or some also come in the box shape. Inside it, a bowl is present in which you put the materials to prepare it. Fans are present that help to produce the heat inside the machine.

Hence, we have discussed the shape of the air fryer. Now let us discuss the air fryer functions.

What is an air fryer?

The definition of an air fryer is the machine that uses air heat and a small quantity of oil for cooking the food.

The heat inside the machine is produced by the fans that start when the bowl is inserted with the item to be cooked. A dial is present to set the cooking time. Moreover, this machine gives you the same texture as you get after frying the item.

Hence, we discuss the air fryer you should also know why you should use the air fryer.

Why we use air fryers?

As we all know that oil is the main reason for obesity. Not only this, it is the main cause of many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, and many more. If we take oily things regularly, then it also increases the waistline that is not good.

Whenever you fry things like potatoes, it is observed that it absorb a large amount of oil in them. Moreover, they also have many fats and calories that can affect your health.

However, it is also obvious that when we fry things, then a large amount of oil is required. If the same oil is used twice or thrice, then it contains some chemicals that become dangerous for life. Moreover, it can start building cancer inside the body.

When I researched the air fryer, then one thing I find out was the ratio between the deep fry potatoes and potatoes cooked by the air fryer. And I was surprised to see that. Almost sixty times more oil was found in deep fry potatoes than that of air fryer potatoes.

If we look at all this situation, then it is not a good practice to eat deep fry things. Hence, it is proved through many types of research that it is harmful to health to eat such things.

But the invention of the air fryer is a miracle. Hence, you can get the same thing, same crispiness, same softness, and juicy material as you get after deep frying. The air fryer uses a small quantity of oil applied on the item like potatoes or chicken. All the cooking is done by the fans that produce the hot air for cooking.

However, one question arises, whether it tastes the same or not. So, you don’t have to fret out. What so ever you cook in the air fryer, you get the desired taste and texture. The color will be light brown as you get after frying the items. You will get all the features.

How you lose weight using an air fryer?

As I mentioned earlier, when you use an air fryer for cooking, you use a little amount of oil. The only thing you have to do is apply oil to the material using an oil brush. Through an oil brush, a small amount of oil is used. Oil is considered the main cause of obesity. Hence, you can eat all those things using an air fryer that uses a large amount of oil.

Hence, using the air fryer, we can reduce the calories and fats ratio in our diet. Moreover, you can in-take a healthy diet.

Air fryer is Better than Deep Frying

Whenever we consult the diet plan, you can notice they will allow you to eat things that contain fewer calories and fats moreover, less usage of oils.

So, if you are on the diet plan and all of a sudden you feel a craving for fried fries, then you do not have to fret out. Using an air fryer, you can eat fried food as it uses few amounts of oil, and your diet plan will not be disturbed.

However, by using the air fryer, you also avoid some chemicals that are present in oil when it is heated at a high temperature.

Hence, it was observed that more than half a percent of people like eating fried food. And the ratio of heart diseases and diabetes is more due to oily food. If people start using an air fryer, then the ratio is decreased, and many of us become healthy.

You can make almost all kinds of things using the air fryer. You can also do baking in an air fryer. Different food like pizza, nuggets, chicken, rings of onion, potatoes, either finger or round shape, and you can also fry vegetables. Almost all kinds of cooking can be done using an air fryer.

In a nutshell, we can say that the usage of the air fryer is beneficial to everyone as it reduces the rate of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. You can fill your hunger for fried food without harming your health. Moreover, it is also beneficial for people who follow the diet plan because the food prepared using this tool do not include a high level of calories and fats.

Hence, we can say that using this we can get healthy food and a healthy life. 

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