Easy Tips to use your Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker!

Easy Tips to use your Instant Pot as a Slow Cooker!

Do you know that instant pot has several built-in functions? And we are not aware of all the functionality of the instant pot. All we know about instant pot is, it is mainly used for cooking things fast. Because it uses the steam feature that tenderizes the food into a good form and it tastes very well.

Before we buy any kitchen gadget we must know about its working very well and also its functionality. Today in this article, I am going to tell you about one of the best features of the instant pot and that is slow cook.

From the term slow cook, one thing that comes into your mind is, you use the slow cooker mostly you use the Crock-Pot for the slow cooking. If you are having an instant pot in your kitchen, then you do not have to purchase the slow cooker separately.

However, many women don’t like to fill their kitchen with all the gadgets when they do not have their space. So, you don’t have to fret about using your instant pot you can make all those recipes that you get from the slow cooker.

Hence, you can use your instant pot as a slow cooker because it has that functionality but you cannot use the slow cooker like the instant pot.

We all know the common use of the instant pot. Whenever we want to cook our food quickly, then we put all the ingredients inside the instant pot and put it on the stove for cooking. After some time the water inside the pot gets heated creates water vapors. Those vapors create pressure inside the instant pot. That pressure is used for cooking the dish fast.

Where fast cooking is concerned, many recipes follow the slow-cooking procedure. If you have the instant pot then you can do it very easily.

Now I am going to tell tips on how you can use the slow cook feature of the instant pot.

Tips for Slow Cooking:

We all know that on instant pot we have different options available. But many of us do not use all of them. On the instant pot, one option is the presence of a slow cooker. This option is for slow cooking and here I will tell you about this option the ways how to set it.

In winter, many of us like to make soups and it is prepared slowly. As I have mentioned earlier that slow cooking is possible using the instant pot but it is a little tricky. It is not obvious that you will get the required texture as you get from the slow cooker. The only thing is you must know all the tricks about the slow cook option in an instant pot. 

Hence, for slow cooking there is a button on the instant pot named slow cook, select that button after putting the ingredients inside the pot. Your task is not finished here. You have to do further changes in the setting regarding the slow cooking.

However, these options may include the heat setting. Normally, in the instant pot, you may have three options namely medium, high and low and also normal, less, and low. It is obvious, we want to cook food on the slow cooker then we have to set it on the low option.

The minimum temperature at the low option is about 190 degrees Fahrenheit. If you select the normal option of temperature, then the required temperature you get is about 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the temperature on the more option is above 200 degrees Fahrenheit and reaches 210 degrees.

Difference Between the Slow cooker and the Instant pot

As mentioned earlier there are different options that you can select for cooking on the slow cooker and also in the instant pot. So, you can select the option regarding the type of food you want to cook. However, the cooking time is increased in the instant pot than that of the slow cooker. This is because of the shape and material used for designing the pot.

When you cook food in the slow cooker, then it gets heat from the bottom. Moreover, it is designed in this way that the walls of the pot absorb the heat and supply heat from its wall too.

If we discuss the instant pot, then it gets heat only from the bottom and the warm feature of the instant pot allows the heat to keep the food warm until everyone is settled down for the meal.

Now you know the design of both the pots, so it is also understandable that the cooking time in the instant pot is more than the slow cooker because of its heat supply. So, when you cook your meal in an instant pot then add 15 minutes or an hour or two to the maximum time available for cooking in the slow cooker.

The lid of the Instant Pot

We know that the lid of the instant pot is airtight and it only has a valve on the top of its lid that allows a minimum amount of gas to pass through it. Hence, for the slow cooking procedure, you cannot use the same lid because the quantity of water in the dish will not finish.

So, to avoid the watery texture of your meal you can use other lids in the instant pot. The best lid you can use on an instant pot while slow cooking is the glass lid.

Advantages of Instant Pot over Slow Cooker:

The best thing about using the instant pot over the slow cooker is you do not have to buy both things as from the instant pot you can get things as you get from the slow cooker. So, in this way you are not burdened with purchasing both things.

Disadvantages of instant pot over slow cooker:

However, using instant pot have some disadvantages like the quantity of water. If you are new to use the slow cook option, then you will get a watery texture of your meal this is because the water does not evaporate.

So, to avoid this thing you have to buy another lid recommended is a glass lid.

In a nutshell, where you have many facilities of the instant pot it also has some drawbacks. The only thing you must know the tricks to handle the slow cooking in the instant pot. If you know the tricks the better texture you will get using the instant pot for slow cooking.

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