How You can Prepare the Yummy Waffle Fries at home?

How You can Prepare the Yummy Waffle Fries at home?

What are waffle fries? How they are prepared? How it tastes? And etc.

These all were the questions that come into my mind when my husband took me to the restaurant for dinner after some days of our marriage. There he orders some waffle fries. It was the first time I was listening to this name, and I have never tasted it before.

My husband told me that he loves to eat waffle fries, and he often orders this whenever he came here. All of a sudden, when our order comes I was surprised to see them. Not only the presentation but its taste was superb. After eating waffle fries, I realized why my husband like them.

The texture and the taste. Moreover, the cutting of the potatoes was so effective. I can say that I fall in love with them, and from that day it becomes my favourite snack.

However, not only my likeness but the choice of my husband force me to see how we can prepare waffle fries at home. Before my research, I thought it will be quite a difficult task to prepare them at home. But believe me, this yummy recipe is as easy as boiling an egg.

The only thing you need is the wavy cutter. Many people use a mandolin for this purpose. Moreover, the ingredients required for this dish is potatoes and vegetable oil.

However, to get the same taste of the waffle fries as you get in restaurants, you have to cut them with the same thickness. Because all the thing is based on its crispiness. Hence, with the help of the wavy cutter, you can achieve this thing.

Now, I will tell you the easy steps you can follow to prepare the waffle fries.

Steps to Prepare the Waffle Fries

Step number one is to take three to four potatoes and wash them gently under the water. To clean the dirt, you can use the vegetable scrubber as it removes all the dirt from any vegetables.

When you remove the dirt from the potatoes, the tricky step comes. However, you might think that either you have to cur with the skin of potatoes or without it. So, I will suggest you cut with the skin because potato’s skin contains some nutrients that are beneficial for our health.

The second step is to cut the potatoes. If you are using the knife with wavy blades, then you have to make sure that the thickness of each slice should be the same otherwise some slices will get crispy, and some may not.

However, many recommend using the mandolin. Using this tool, you will get an equal shape and size. However, the method to cut the potatoes is, when you cut the first slice, rotate the potato in the direction that the wavy line appears to be horizontal then cut the other slice. Repeat the process until the potato is finished.

When you cut all the potatoes now, you have to soak those slices in water. Some put slices in the refrigerator after applying the seasonal salt. But I will recommend you put them in water for a few minutes.

Pour out the water and dry them with the help of a paper towel. Hence, the next thing you have to do is warm the vegetable oil. If you are having a fryer, then it is good but, if not, then you can use a big bowl. When the oil is warm-up put the slices into the oil. Remember do not overload the bowl or basket.

When you see that the corners of the slices are starting to become brown or another method is you can check with the help of the fork whether the slices become soft or not when you notice it pulls out the basket or put the potatoes on the baking tray.

Increase to stove volume almost to 325 F and then again put them in oil and fry them for 3 to 5 minutes. Hence, you will get the same texture of waffle fries as you get in the restaurant.

In short, I can say that it is not a tiring recipe to follow. The only thing that requires your effort is cutting the slices. Moreover, in a very short time, you can prepare amazing snacks that you can take with the evening tea or coffee and also while watching a romantic movie with your partner, or also you can give this to you children in lunch or even in the snacks time.

When I first cooked these waffle fries, my husband was surprised, and he liked its taste. The remark he gave me “WOW! Its taste is the same as I like”. And that day was very cheerful for me.

So, whenever we both watch a movie, I prepare the waffle fries quickly, and we enjoy it with some dips and ketchup.

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