How to Dispose of OLD Appliances?

How to Dispose of OLD Appliances?

Whether you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or upgrading your laundry room with a more advanced washing machine, the most tedious task in this regard is to get rid of old appliances. You can’t put the outdated appliances out on the streets with a free sign nor can they be dumped into your nearby dumpster because of being way too bulky and heavy. Also, most of these appliances possess plastic housing and toxic chemicals like chlorofluorocarbons, which if not treated with care, can harm the environment severely.

Not only the inappropriate disposal can harm nature but it can also prove to be highly dangerous and can cause severe backaches and sprains. Thus, to prevent these undesirable consequences, it’s important to follow a proper disposal strategy so you can handle your unwanted appliances responsibly to preserve your and your nature’s well-being.

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3 Best Way to Dispose of Old Appliances?

There’s no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to appliance disposal, instead, you first have to analyse the condition of your appliance to find the best disposal method.

Sell or Donate

If your old appliance is repairable or works efficiently, you can sell it to a vendor who deals with secondhand stuff. Besides this, you can also put the photograph and description of your appliance on a local e-commerce website and display it there for sale. In one day or two, you’d surely meet an interested buyer, willing to pay an appealing amount for your trash.

And if your appliance is so outdated that you think no one would pay you for getting this junk, you can donate it to someone who’s in real need. In this regard, many charities are working who pick the appliances up from you and deliver them to the needy people. And if no such charity is dealing in your area, you can simply put the appliance in your alley or front yard with a free sign so anyone in your neighborhood could benefit from it. Remember, people love free stuff and your old dishwasher or air conditioner could be a treasure to the less fortunate.

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Search for swapping options

Some companies offer a free swapping option to their customers so whenever a person purchases an appliance from them, for instance, a dishwasher, the company provides free removal and pickup services for your old dishwasher. In this way, you don’t have to worry at all about how to dispose of your old appliance as the retailer handles each and everything. This method is best for you if your old appliance has worn out and can’t function anymore.

Usually, the retailers who offer swapping options dismantle your old appliance, pluck out the usable and precious parts, and resell them to hauliers. The best part of these complimentary services is that the retailer disposes of the appliance responsibly. Due to being a functional part of the industry, they know what are the safety measures required by every appliance and what is the best method to dismantle it. In this way, this solution not only comes out to be more cost-effective but also quite environmentally friendly.

Hire Professional Hauliers

The easiest method to dispose of your old appliances is to get in touch with your municipal pickup service but first, you’d need to check whether your town is offering such services for large appliances or not. Some states offer appliance recycling and hauling services for free while others charge a small fee. This fee doesn’t count in your usual garbage collection bill.

Also, you’d have to schedule the pick-up as the workers have to get a special dumpster to haul your giant appliance. The only problem is you have to drop off the appliance at an agreed-upon location because not every municipal agency comes to your home for pickup. Besides the public hauliers, you can hire a commercial hauler or a junk disposal company for the task. Do you Want the Best Non-Stick Pan without Teflon

However, these commercial junk removal services may cost an arm and leg, if you are up to removing numerous appliances or renovation debris. The charges of such services are usually determined by various factors like space, appliance grab, weightage, number of appliances, etc. The good thing is, that you can schedule the pick-up as per your preferences and don’t have to drop the appliance off at a designated hauling point. Instead, the workers will load the units up on the truck for you.

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