How to Prepare & Dehydrate Sweet Potatoes?

How to Prepare & Dehydrate  Sweet Potatoes?

As we all know that children are interested to eat different kinds of snacks. And it is difficult to maintain the health of children if children take regular snacks. In this way, many children fall sick, and many other diseases occur.

My children are also fond of eating different snacks and take with them when they go to school for recess time. But being a mother, I am very worried about their health. So, I searched to find out how to make snacks at home.

So, I tried different kinds of snacks, and the best I find out is the sweet potatoes. Moreover, this snack is less costly, and you can make it at home with a very easy procedure. However, these snacks can be made in a handsome quantity so you can use them several times.

I am writing this article to tell Mom’s very easy steps to prepare your home and healthy snacks at home. The major benefit of this snack is it is prepared cleanly moreover it is healthy. Moreover, sweet potatoes give you extra nutrition and different types of vitamins.

So, mom’s here are the steps to prepare Dehydrate Sweet Potatoes.

The core thing you need is for the dehydrated sweet potatoes in the oven. Without an oven, you cannot prepare these homely made snacks.

Hence, for preparing the sweet potatoes, you must need sweet potatoes. Take 4 to 5 sweet potatoes and wash them properly. Make sure that dirt is clean from the sweet potatoes. However, you can use a vegetable scrubber for this purpose. With the help of hands under the water, you can perform this task.

The second step is to cut the sweet potatoes of equal thickness. Here, a question comes whether to cut it with its skin or not. It is researched that in the skin of sweet potatoes, there are many nutrients. So, it is better to cut the sweet potatoes with their skin.

However, in this step, the core thing to consider is the thickness. Hence, you can use a knife for cutting, and many other kitchen utensils like a food cutter are present that cut vegetables or fruits in equal shape and size.

When all the cutting is done soak the pieces of sweet potatoes in water so it can release some natural enzymes inside the water. But, make sure the water should not be so hot normal water almost at room temperature.

Hence, after a few hours, pour all the water from the bowl and dry each slice. The things you can use for drying the sweet potatoes may include a towel or even a paper towel. When you are done with this step, then put all sweet potatoes on the tray of the oven.

When you have to put potatoes on the tray before placing the tray, keep the oven warm at the required temperature. Put the tray for about a few hours unless you achieve the required crispiness. Do not forget to keep a check on potatoes. Keep an eye on them otherwise, they can be burned.

In this way, you can prepare the Dehydrate Sweet Potatoes in a food dehydrator. Moreover, you can keep them in an airtight jar so it can be used for several months.

In a nutshell, many moms will love this recipe because this is healthy and very tasty. Many children like this snack and love to take it with them. Moreover, this snack is not a favorite among children but it is also a favorite among many elders.

In a short time, you can prepare a delicious snack. The best part is, it can be served in front of many guests. I and my children love this.

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