How does a pressure cooker work?

How does a pressure cooker work?

Once I was cooking a beef stew with my mother, and for tenderizing meat, I used a pressure cooker. All of a sudden, my mother said whenever she cooks beef stew, she has to wait for long. I ask WHY? She answered to tenderize the meat.

Hence, looking at my confused face, she said that they don’t have the facility of the pressure cooker. To tenderize the meat, they have to put the bowl on the stove for hours and wait for softening the beef meat so they can proceed further.

After listening to all this, I was so curious about what the pressure cooker is. Moreover, I start research on its invention and its working. And guess what I found all the answers that were moving around my mind like butterflies.

In this modern age, everyone is in rush. They prefer all those things that make their life easy and quick. So, the pressure cooker videos. In this era, many women are doing different jobs.

So, to balance their work and professional life, they must have some tools that can make their work efficient, perfect, and in no time. The Pressure Cooker is one of those tools that are efficient, and the task that requires many hours to be done, now it can be done in less time.

However, in this article, I will discuss all the aspects of the pressure cooker that includes its invention along with its working and many more things.

So, let’s start.

Definition of a Pressure Cooker

If we look at the physical appearance of the pressure cooker, then it can be defined as the bowl that has an airtight lid. Moreover, it has a small pressure regulator that is put on the vent pipe for the discharge of the pressure.

Hence, this is how the pressure cooker looks. However, the pressure cooker is the best gadget for cooking, mostly for the meat dish. Sometimes, many of us do call it the steam cooker.

Before we discuss the working of the pressure cooker, let me tell you about the invention of the pressure cooker.

A Quick Overview of the Invention of the Pressure Cooker

The first design of the pressure cooker was represented by the Papin. He wanted to invent the machine that can extract collagen from different materials like bone. However, those bones can further be used as fertilizers. Hence, he calls his invention the steam digester.

All this work was done in 1679. When I read further about his invention. I was amused to look that his invention was not effective because it causes many explosions. Do you know why? Because he did not design any part for the discharge of the pressure. Due to this incomplete design, many accidents happen and he failed in this design.

However, to avoid all these accidents in his new design he introduces the valve that is mainly the design of the discharge of the pressure. But the invention did not stop here. Many other scientists come and do changes in this model.

Hence, the final model was represented by Alfred. Moreover, it becomes a kitchen gadget in 1938. The first company to launch this gadget is known as the National Presto. This company is well known for the pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker that we use today is different from the first model. The first model seems to be heavy and has an air-tight lid with a valve on the top of the cooker. Moreover, it makes a noise when the pressure is overloaded, and the regulator has to be removed. So, it can discharge the pressure.

As we all know that over time, things get advanced, and many variations are done. So, the same happens with the pressure cooker. To satisfy the customers some changes were made to the model. The changes may include the dial along with the indicator that shows the pressure percentage.

Through dial, you can set the pressure what you want, and on the indicator, you can see the pressure percentage. Hence, it was also light-weighted.

However, these are not changes. The pressure cooker that I use to know is different from the first model. It is an electric pressure cooker that uses electric heat for cooking, and it can also maintain the pressure according to the material I like to soften, whether it is meat or any vegetable. Additionally, the best characteristic of today’s pressure cooker is, it is noiseless, and all the settings can be done on it.

Now, you may know how many variations were made in this specific model. Besides, it variation the working of the pressure cooker is same as the first model to the new one.

Working of the Pressure Cooker

The working of the pressure cooker is the same from the model of the Papin to the electric pressure cooker. If you want to soften the meat, then put some pieces of beef meat and a little quantity of water because the pressure created by the water vapours is more effective than that of air.

Hence, when the boiling point of the water is reached, it starts creating pressure in the bowl. Let says the max boiling point of the pressure is 2120F. In the previous model, the regulator on the top of the valve starts regulating when the pressure is increased. It also creates some noise. After the specific time, you have to manually remove the regulator so all the pressure can be ejected.

However, in today’s model, where we have the indicators and setting option, the regulator opens up itself and releases all the pressure. Moreover, it also stops giving heat to avoid the burning of food.

In this way, the pressure cooker works. This little invention makes the life of many women heaven and also in a quick way they can prepare their food.

Many Advantages of the Pressure Cooker:

The pressure cooker has many advantages like it reduces the cooking time. We also know that in food, there are many bacteria and viruses. So, to finish them at a high temperature is the best way. And this can be achieved by the pressure cooker.

Moreover, we can use it for making different kinds of sauces.  A good tool as it can cook food on a low flame.

In a nutshell, I can say that pressure cooker is the best invention as the work that has to be done in hours, can be done in just 15 to 20 minutes. Moreover, the inventor makes many changes in this tool so it can facilitate their customer in various ways.

As I have discussed, the changes in the model. Hence, we can expect further changes in this model, but what will be changed we cannot guess. In short, I am happy with this model.

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