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7 Best Retro Microwave in 2022 [Expert-Reviews] & Buying Guide

7 Best Retro Microwave in 2022 [Expert-Reviews] & Buying Guide

Are you a vintage enthusiast and want to style your kitchen based on the mid-century layout? If so, get yourself the best retro microwave today!

While furnishing the kitchen, we pay thousands of dollars and special attention to the colour scheme and layouts of the cupboards so they won’t make it look messy! But what if a bulky and absurd looking microwave ruins all of your kitchen aesthetics? To avoid such situations, retro microwaves come to help since these basic appliances mainly focus on colour, layout, and aesthetics.

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In this way, you can enhance the curb appeal of your kitchen by buying the best retro microwave that ties the overall kitchen decor idea – especially if you are thinking about recreating an old, vintage-themed kitchen. The best part of retro microwave ovens is that they can perform almost all the basic microwave functions, ranging from warming the food and drinks, defrosting, to cooking easy meals.

Although you can’t expect the retro microwave oven to meet all of your advanced cooking needs, like baking, and grilling, still, the functionality offered by these appliances is quite comprehensive and reliable. To help you find the best retro microwave that can serve you in both respects; looks and functionality, here we’ve compiled our favourite vintage microwave.

1. Galanz GLCMKA07GNR-07 Retro Microwave Oven

Have the narrower and short countertops? If so then this space-saving retro microwave will suit your kitchen the best. To meet the vintage theme of your kitchen, the manufacturer has chosen an ice blue colour for the appliance with a circular or slightly oval display.

Besides the aesthetic look, this microwave also has so many things to offer when it comes to features. For example, the oven comes with six power settings using which you can defrost or warm your food, based on the food type and your preferences. Also, you can choose to defrost the frozen meal either by weight or time. I personally recommend going with the weightage mode since it accesses your food more appropriately.

The interior of this microwave is well-lit by the inbuilt LED light so you can monitor the condition of your food through the display, during processing. In addition to LED light, the inner glass plate, over which you place your food bowl, possesses a turntable layout. In other words, as soon as you press the start button, the glass plate begins to rotate so the food gets heated up evenly from all the sides.

  • Vintage style layout and colour
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Glass turntable
  • Six different power modes
  • Eco power mode for power consumption
  • Safety lock
  • Not too bulky
  • Can’t be used for advanced cooking
  • The door is not easy-to-open

On full power mode, the oven utilises 700W but if you want to reduce the power consumption, you can switch towards its eco-mode. Three loud beeps are also added to the feature list to alert you about the completion of the cooking project. I appreciate that the manufacturer has added the safety lock which keeps your kids from tempering their hands by touching hot interiors or burning bowls.

So, while setting the temperature and time for the project, you can also select whether you want to keep the safety lock on or off. If you don’t have any children in your house, you can conveniently go with no safety lock mode. The only downside of this microwave is that its door is not-to-easy to open. You need to put in relatively more force to pull open the door but it also contributes to making the microwave ever safer for kids.

2. Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Large Countertop Microwave Oven

Whether you are looking for a cool but classy microwave for your kitchen or a rec-room, this nostalgic large microwave will be enough to add a style touch to all types of premises. At first glance, the thing that catches your attention will be its super-shiny and eternally graceful appearance but these are mainly its specs that will make you a die-hard fan of this appliance.

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Start with the LCD that lets you monitor the whole process by informing you not only about the inner temperature but also the countdown and set cooking modes. It contains twelve pre-programmed cooking settings that enable you to cook twelve different types of meals, even if you don’t know about the ideal cooking temperature and time.

As its name implies, this microwave is quite large, not only from outside but also inside. The cooking chamber of this oven is wide enough to accommodate even a full-size plate into it. The thing that’s different and somewhat rare in this retro microwave is that it offers two turntables that are completely independent of each other.

  • Two independent turntable
  • Twelve pre-programmed settings
  • Three power modes
  • Super-wide cooking cavity
  • Retro-styled oven with advanced features
  • LED dialer and timer
  • Rotate-and-push knob to set time and temperature
  • Safety lock
  • Cannot handle complicated cooking

To test its cooking capacities, I performed several experiments ranging from heating dinner, cooking casseroles, and baking pizza. All the time during the trial, the microwave power remained constant which is surely a plus point. To attain more precise cooking, the oven offers three power modes. Every power mode imparts a different texture and cooking extent to your food!

Also, like the previous product, this gadget contains a child safety lock and rotatable knob to set temperature and time. From all types of food to all types of beverages, this product can help you try newer stuff and cook newer dishes, without setting a limit. Perfect for all those who want an oven with a wide cooking cavity but also a space-saving layout!

3. Nostalgia RMO4RR Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Nostalgia brand is known for their innovative home gadgets that can fit in almost all sorts of houses – whether you have a modern kitchen or one that has a mid-century theme! To make this model go exactly to your kitchen aesthetics, the company offers the same product in five different colours that are seafoam green, metallic vintage red (my favourite), ivory, aqua, and jet black.

Both insides and outsides of this microwave feature traditional chrome accents and a retro-style handle. Since it’s a vintage microwave, we can’t expect it to offer advanced features like LCDs or touch-screen panels. Still, to my surprise, the oven comes with an LED round dial that shows a digital countdown timer.

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Similarly, right over the retro handle, you’ll find four buttons that you can use to command for Express, power, stop/cancel, and clock/delay. I also found the exterior of this microwave quite solid and sturdy. I’ve been using the same microwave at my parent’s home and one thing I’m sure about is that it can comfortably sustain the daily wear and tear of a household.

The appliance gets its sturdiness from the metallic build wherein some parts are also made up of plastic to add flexibility. As soon as you open the door, you’ll see a 10.5 inches turntable that heats the food and whatever you are cooking, evenly. Speaking of its cooking capacities then it comes with about twelve pre-programmed temperature and weightage settings.

  • Five different colours
  • Twelve pre-programmed settings
  • 10.5 inches wide turntable
  • Solid and sturdy build
  • Classic design with chrome finishes
  • Four buttons to control operations
  • LED timer and dialer
  • Affordable and elegant
  • Relatively a bulkier appliance

Using these pre-stored settings, you can cook pizza, rice, potatoes, bread, beef, chicken, and many other dishes, without pressing too many buttons or setting the dial to the perfect temperature and time! If you are running out of time, all you have to do is to press the button showing express and choose the dish name. The microwave, in turn, handles all the other things themselves.

Just like most retro microwave ovens, this model also cannot handle more complicated dishes but still, it’s much better than others! Manufacturers, undoubtedly, need to make some improvements to the product like making LED lights better or retaining microwave capabilities, but if all you want is an affordable and cool microwave with basic functions, this model is for you!

4. COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Looking for a vintage microwave that can handle most of your basic cooking tasks while being reliable? If so then this COSTWAY Retro microwave is your go-to option. With its 900W power capabilities, it is perfect not only for heating and defrosting the food but also to cook so many common dishes.

Unlike other old microwaves, this appliance offers you to personalise your cooking experience in numerous ways. Thanks to its multiple power modes that make it possible. For every different task, there’s a different power mode. Isn’t it amazing? Well, I felt the same! Overall, the oven comes with five power levels ranging from 40% power modes for defrosting food to 100% power level for speed cooking.

In the inner side of this microwave, you’ll find a 360° rotating turntable that will ensure that your food gets heated up evenly from all sides. Don’t have time to set the timer and power for the commonly cooked food? No worries at all since this intelligent oven will handle everything. You can customise the cooking mode on an automatic setting to make all the efforts out to preset the cooking conditions.

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However, if you are trying something different and newer, use the two buttons and mechanical knobs to specify your cooking experience. And as soon as your meal is ready to pull out of the oven, you’ll hear a loud beep. Forget to remove the platter out of the oven after hearing the first beep? Don’t worry since the microwave will call you again after several minutes.

  • Impressive retro look
  • Rebeeps after several minutes
  • Don’t give off a loud humming noise
  • Five power modes
  • Pre-stored power and time settings
  • 360° turntable for even heating
  • Doesn’t grabs too much counter space
  • Reliable power cord and child safety lock
  • The how-to manual is a bit tricky

The thing which impressed me most was that it doesn’t produce too loud sounds while running. Also, despite being a retro microwave, it doesn’t grab too much counter space and at the same time, offers a wide cooking cavity.

Lastly, to make microwaving safer and prevent accidents, the gadget comes with a child safety lock that you can set only by pressing the stop button for three seconds straight. Also, the power cord of this microwave is UL and ETL certified guaranteeing the utmost safety. The only thing which I think needs improvement is its how-to instruction manual.

5. ROVSUN 0.9 Cu.ft Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

At first glance, this mini microwave may look no more than a toy but believe me, this model packs a punch of power and features. Not only this but I have tested it various times to check its build quality and surprisingly, it proves itself the most long-lasting oven of all.

First of all, its retro red colour will ignite a flame of excitement in all vintage lovers like me. It’s less-than-average, small size might act as a deal-breaker for some homeowners out there but if you are the one who has to accommodate a whole microwave in a limited space like a narrower countertop, your office apartment, or college dorms, you might find it perfect.

By seeing its toyish build, I was not expecting it to offer five different power modes. Using these power modes, you can set the perfect temperature regardless of whether you are cooking dinner, making a snack, or baking a dessert. The only problem I found is that there’s nothing like the default power setting and you need to set it every single time you use it.

  • Eight automatic cooking menus
  • Five power modes
  • Compact size and vintage styled
  • Easy to use and rotate knobs
  • 360° glass turntable
  • Child lock and ETL secured
  • Cute and affordable
  • Inadequate size

Like all the other retro microwaves on the list, it also comes with a glass turntable but the one this model offers can rotate up to 360° to ensure even heating and cooking. To mitigate the whole cooking process, the gadget has stored eight automatic cooking menus, covering most popular food items including potatoes, pizza, popcorn, fish, beverages, and many more.

These different power levels range from 20P-100P and you can set them using either the mechanical knobs or buttons. All the knobs are smooth to rotate and at the end of cooking, the appliances make three loud beeps and an END sign will be shown up at the LED display. Since this cute red microwave is ETL certified, you can be assured about this oven’s reliability and durability.

6. Winia WOR07R3ZEC Retro Microwave

Looking for a cute little vintage microwave with modern-day features? If so, then this winia retro microwave might bring what you desire! This cute microwave comes with five power levels and five auto cooking menus. The thing which levels up this product is that you can control all these things (power mode and cooking menu) using a single button.

From the outside, you might assume this microwave is a very small one with a very limited cooking space but that’s not true. I was quite surprised to see how wide the cooking cavity this oven has to offer. In this cooking space, you can keep dinner plates of almost all sizes. To make it tie perfectly with your kitchen interior, you can choose between red or white colours options.

Why did we call it a retro oven with advanced features? Because it comes with a concave reflex system. This advanced technology enables the user to cook his food much earlier and also prevent overcooking or burnt spots by ensuring even heat distribution. To minimise the power consumption, the oven features a zero-on technology that ensures that the power is being consumed only when the oven is in operation.

  • Dual wave microwave technology
  • Dual defrosting method
  • Concave reflex system for efficient cooking
  • Wide cooking cavity
  • Lightweight
  • Grabs less counter space
  • Five power modes and cooking menus
  • Derailing turntable

I also noticed that the microwave emits radiation in a dual-wave manner by which the food is heated up from upside down. As a result of this, no smoke will emerge out of your in-transit food by overcooking nor would you observe fat sputtering by undercooking.

Lastly, you can choose whether you want to defrost your food by weight or time which imparts more flexibility and enhances the cooking experience. The only problem that I found is its derailing turntable which you have to set before every cooking session to achieve preciseness. Otherwise, this microwave is perfect from all the other aspects, including visuals and functioning.

7. COMFEE’ CM-M093ARD Retro Microwave

The last retro microwave is considered indisputably one of the best retro microwaves as it never fails to add the perfect vintage touch to your kitchen by its ruby red colour, nor does it fail you when it comes to cooking your favourite meal. First of all, this microwave has a cooking capacity of about 0.9 cubic feet which makes it sufficient to bake a pizza of 10 inches.

Secondly, I appreciated how the manufacturer has put in his utmost effort to make this oven most user-friendly. For this purpose, he has added numerous features that mitigate the operations to a great extent. For example, it offers all the basic yet essential features like a well-lit LED display, turntable reset, mute feature, child lock, and eco mode to reduce power consumption. Camping Lovers would be Happy for Checking this Product: Best Dutch Ovens for Camping

In addition to these basic features, I also found this microwave quite generous when it comes to advanced functions. For example, this kitchenware possesses a multi-stage cooking feature using which you can tackle tasks of different nature, at the same time (like cooking and defrosting).

  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Feature-rich and compact
  • Nine cooking menus
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Removable turntable and turntable reset
  • Eco-mode to minimise power consumption
  • 0.9 cubic feet wide cooking cavity
  • Need to mix food often to ensure even cooking

Similarly, the express cooking features can accelerate the whole cooking process by which you can cook your snacks or other easy meals in only a fraction of seconds. Nine preset cooking menus and easy defrosting functions make everything a breeze.

Buying Guide of Best Retro Microwave

Things you need to consider to buy the best retro microwave are as follows

Types of Microwave

Generally, you’ll find two types of retro microwaves; the freestanding units that can be placed anywhere, near the socket, and an under-counter microwave that needs to be installed with a sturdy unit or cabinet. If you are facing the issue regarding limited kitchen space and can afford the complicated installation expenditures, you better go with under-counter retro ovens.

On the other hand, if you have a wide kitchen, with super-wide counter space but your preference is to get an oven at an affordable price, you better go with the freestanding units. You can even reposition flexibility without needing professional help.

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Power and Features

Retro microwaves range in power from 600W to 1000W. The higher the power of an oven, the more efficient it would be to cook your food or heat up. However, such powerful microwaves also consume so much energy which adds to your electricity costs.

The best retro microwave for home use would be the one that lies in a medium power range; 700W-800W. Besides power, you also need to consider whether an offered microwave has all the basic features or not! These essential features include pre-programmed settings, one-touch cooking, turntable, safety lock, even heating, sensory cooking, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retro microwave?
Retro microwaves are the oven having vintage layout and aesthetics but at the same time, they offer advanced features and utmost user convenience.

Are old/retro microwaves safe?
Well, it depends upon the safety features a microwave has to offer. For example, if a microwave comes with a child safety lock, reliable power cord, and ETL secured, it means it’s safe to use and vice versa.

How do you silence a Galanz retro microwave?
Not all the Galanz retro microwaves emit annoying humming sounds since some others come with mute features. By pressing the mute button, you can silence a Galanz retro microwave.

Our Favourites

My topmost favourite retro microwaves are
COMFEE’ CM-M093ARD Retro Microwave due to being quiet, lightweight, and having advanced features like turntable reset, eco-mode, and wide cooking cavity.
Galanz GLCMKA07GNR-07 Retro Microwave Oven due to its vintage layout and colour, glass turntable, six power modes, eco-mode, and straightforward operations.
Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Large Countertop Microwave Oven due to its independent dual turntables, twelve pre-programmed cooking menus, and LED dialer and timer.

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